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Carnaval, the river Amazon, football, Copacabana, The Girl from Ipanema... Brazil is an iconic destination fizzing with energy and high spirits. But this vast country is so much more than its glorious, endless beaches and exuberant festivals - more even than the biggest rainforest in the world.

The sheer size of Brazil and the diversity of its landscape, culture and people defy a neat synopsis. Highlights must include the magnificent Iguassu falls; the steamy Amazon jungle with its incredible variety of tropical plants and animals; and the great coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, where the party never ends - reaching fever pitch during carnival week.

The Pantanal wetlands are superb for wildlife watching, home to such fabulous creatures as caimans, tapirs, anteaters, capybaras and hyacinth macaws. If you’re lucky, you might even see a jaguar. On the east coast the Atlantic rainforest protects marmosets, tamarins, and elusive ocelots, and ancient trade routes lead towards cobbled colonial towns and abandoned gold and diamond mines.

Bahia and the north-east is the place to discover Afro-Brazilian culture - from capoeira martial arts and candomblé religious ceremonies to the hip-swinging rhythms of the samba and bossa nova. Cities such as São Luis, Salvador and Belém have some of the best-preserved colonial buildings in South America, a reminder of the huge wealth amassed on the back of slave labour to satisfy the European obsession with sugar, tobacco and rubber.


Here are some of our Brazil highlights

The Iconic city

The Iconic city

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's cultural capital and has one of the most beautiful settings in the world and an amazing vibe. With golden beaches, forested mountains and wide lagoons, Rio is an outdoor lover's paradise with an enviable nightlife to boot.

Mighty waterfalls

Mighty waterfalls

Higher than Niagara and wider than the Victoria Falls, majestic Iguassu is a breathtaking spectacle. The many trails allow for great and varied views, or an exhilarating boat ride allows one to feel the spray and experience the water's immense power.

Wildlife-rich wetlands

Wildlife-rich wetlands

The Pantanal is one of the world's largest and most diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers with more than 300 bird species. Other widlife includes capybaras, giant river otters, and if you are lucky, anteaters, tapirs and jaguars.

Endless sand dunes

Endless sand dunes

Stare across the endless dunes of Brazil's Lençois Maranhenses - 155,000 hectares of white sand, mangroves and blue, fresh-water lagoons. Trek, swim, sandboard or take a 4x4, the possibilities are as endless as the dunes themselves!

Open QuoteWe had such wonderful time and everything that you organised worked perfectly. I had lots of occasions where I marvelled at your extraordinary ability to organise such a complicated trip, it all went completely to plan and your insightful knowledge and contacts proved very valuable. All the hotels were fantastic, we loved the small boutique ones and recognised that you did your absolute best at all times. I loved it all but found the heat a big challenge, and much as I adored Brazil and the Brazilians, I couldn't recommend the Amazon for anyone that can't take extreme heat and humidity.

The Pantanal, I nearly cried when we left I loved it so much and I adored Daniel, such an exceptional young man who's passion was contagious. The Amazon trip was not for me but I have done it and I wouldn't have listened to anyone if they had said so! Tucano was fab but I was way too hot and now know that I can never go anywhere that hot and humid again! I loved all our guides, they were spectacular and Salvador is fabulous place.

I cannot believe how well you organised all of this, your depth of in-country knowledge and all the connections and the taxis and the guides. It was truly a labour of love and it showed. Thank you so much. If you want any endorsements, don't hesitate to ask!Close Quote - A-LG

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