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For the most rewarding insight to the wonders of the jungle we recommend a stay in one of several remote lodges, or a cruise along the Amazon or one of its tributaries.

Our preferred accommodation

Dream Destination logo means that the hotel is one of our Dream Destinations.

  • Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge image

    Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - 20 minutes north of Manaus by boat
    Spread out on the banks of a stream in 3,000 hectares of forest reserve. In the grounds are an aquarium, an orquidarium, a black water swimming pool with cascades, a hammock area and a games room.
  • Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge image

    Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - Anavilhanas archipelago
    A small lodge, 3-4 hours north-west of Manaus (45 minute ferry, then by road), on the banks of the Rio Negro opposite the Anavilhanas archipelago (400 islands) surrounded by rivers and lush Amazon jungle. The main dining area serves buffet meals with a large variety of local fruits. There is a swimming pool with a view over the river.
  • Clipper cruises image

    Clipper cruises

    Cruise ship - Cruises from Manaus
    A comfortable and custom-built riverboat with an observation/sun deck, with a fantastic 360° panoramic view. The boat is small enough to dock at remote spots and cruise to hidden locations due to the shallow draft of only three feet. They offer two, three or five night packages on various boats all operating pretty much the same itinerary
  • Juma Lodge image

    Juma Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - 4 hours south-east of Manaus
    Built on stilts using traditional methods, this lodge overlooks the still waters of the Juma river, 100km south of Manaus. A feature of this area is the igapó (flooded forest), where the enormous seasonal difference in water levels (up to 15 metres) means that at times one can be floating through the forest canopy itself.
  • M/V Tucano image

    M/V Tucano

    Dream Destination mini-logo
    Cruise ship - Manaus to the upper Rio Negro
    A beautiful river boat that operates trips up the rivers Negro and Blanco, north of Manaus, and also visits the famous “Meeting of the Waters”, where the rivers Negro and Solimões meet. Their signature programme (Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon) is 6 nights, an in-depth exploration of the Amazon ecosystem (including the Anavilhanas archipelago) and fascinating for those with a real interest in nature and wildlife. They also operate a shorter 4 night itinerary (Into the Wild Amazon).
  • Turtle Lodge image

    Turtle Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - Approximately 4 hours south-east of Manaus
    The lodge is set in primary rainforest and due to the distance from Manaus the pressures on the jungle are few. The guides are native to the Mamori river area and have an infinite knowledge of the jungle (nearly all speak English).
  • Uakari Lodge image

    Uakari Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - 1 hour flight west of Manaus to Tefé
    Uakari Lodge is a 90 minute boat ride from Tefé, at the confluence of the Japurá and Solimões Rivers, engulfed by the pristine wilderness of the Mamirauá reserve and the largest area of floodplain on the planet. The lodge (named after the rare white uakari monkey, endemic to the area), on a remote tributary, is built of local wood and thatch with a restaurant, bar and library and is designed to float with the rise and fall of the water levels. With a focus on conservation and sustainability, all energy is solar powered, waste water is treated before being returned to the river, and most of the staff are from the local riverine communities. Built for research as well as tourism, on-going research projects are based here.

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