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Last Frontiers' articles for any country (LF blog)

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Olympic Medal Table for Latin America

In 2012 we published a medal table for the Latin American countries, which we have continued for Rio 2016. Brazil, Cuba and Colombia have been consistently top of the ranking but let's hope the first ever games in South America will stimulate improvements for Tokyo 2020. Country Gold Silver... Read more»

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Extreme scenery - Venezuela's table-top mountains

Apart from political and economic stability, Venezuela really does have it all in terms of natural beauty and resources, as I was reminded when watching Steve Backshall's BBC series called Extreme Mountain Challenge. A few years ago I took my family on a wonderful river trip in Venezuela's Gran Saba... Read more»

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Ed on the Carretera Austral - driving Chile's southern highway

My first introduction to the Carretera Austral was in 1998, when I led a group of photographers down a section of the road from Chaitén to Coyhaique. I had to wait 16 years to drive the remaining sections of the highway - but it was worth the wait! The Carretera Austral, Chile’s iconic highway linki... Read more»

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Is Google dumbing down our world? - a filter bubble too far

In early 2014 I was in Chile, driving its stunning Carretera Austral, the 1,240km highway first conceived under Augusto Pinochet’s presidency and now uniting remote settlements with its thin ribbon of gravel and occasional asphalt. Whilst on a particularly adventurous full day excursion to the San R... Read more»

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The Falklands/Malvinas - leave it to the diplomats

The debate over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) has once again become a news item. Politicians, with their usually short term outlook, have often used populist issues to distract their public from other less easily-solved economic problems. A whiff of oil, or any other poten... Read more»

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Satnav in Latin America

While I was planning a recent driving trip to southern Brazil (with my trusty co-driver Sue) I thought I would (or should) trial some form of satellite navigation (Satnav). Local maps only tend to show the major roads and are sketchy at best when it comes to town plans, and online maps (such as Goog... Read more»

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Let's talk ourselves up, not down

Reading the press over the last few days one has to wonder how global the perspective of our polititians and bankers really is. Our previous government tried as hard as they could to blame the effects of an overspending state, ineffective regulation and unsustainable personal debt levels on the idea... Read more»

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The Times' paywall

A few weeks ago The Times newspapers (including the Sunday Times) started charging for access to all but their home pages. While other publications such as the FT and Wall Street Journal have had some areas of paid access this is the first time a quality broadsheet has tried it out. It will be fasc... Read more»

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