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Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise

The BBC's new documentary series focuses on Patagonia - the wild and beautiful wilderness of Latin America's far south spanning Chile and Argentina. The 3 part series explores the wildlife and local people that thrive in the seemingly uninhabitable landscape from the mighty Andes mountains to Cape Horn, at the southernmost tip of the South American continent.

Episode 1: Fire and Ice

A Puma in Torres del Paine National ParkA Puma in Torres del Paine National Park

The first episode offers a rare glimpse into the the secret lives of pumas, hummingbirds and condors who live in harmony with this frozen wilderness. Patagonia is also a mecca for extreme sports enthusiasts with glaciar trekking and waterfall kayaking popular activities here. Patagonia's cowboys - the gauchos - make their living off the land; rounding up wild horses and breaking them in.

Episode 2: Heat and Dust

View over the Patagonian plainsView over the Patagonian plains

In the second episode, discover the contrasting side of Patagonia - its dry desert. Home to a myriad of weird and wonderful creatures such as maras - giant guinea pigs - desert-dwelling penguins and guanacos - Patagonia's very own camels. There is also a local population who have lived here for generations, having taken on this arid world and carved out a home.

Episode 3: Life on the Edge

A rockhopper penguin braving the coldA rockhopper penguin braving the cold

The concluding episode focuses on Argentina and Chile's seemingly endless coastline. The 4,000 mile stretch teems with sealife, but it is not for the faint-hearted. From rockhopper penguins in the freezing waters of Cape Horn, to huge elephant seals in the far north battling for survival in the desert heat - trying to protect their young from hungry Orcas patrolling the beaches. People live on these shores too - gathering the sea's bounty, but life is almost as tough for them as it is for the local wildlife.

See for yourself!

Snow-covered peaks from PehoeSnow-covered peaks from Pehoe

If the series has inspired you to explore this beautiful and unique region of the world for yourself, have a look at our Southern Grand Tour sample itinerary; a 17 day trip through Argentina and Chile taking in Patagonia, a cruise through the fjords of Tierra del Fuego, and the beautiful and contrasting lake districts on both sides of the Andes.

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Tune in to BBC 2 at 9.30pm on Fridays from 25 September to watch!


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