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Last Frontiers' articles for Venezuela (all categories)

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Seven Worlds, One Planet - where was it filmed?

'Seven Worlds, One Planet' hosted by Sir David Attenborough first aired Sunday 27 October 2019 at 6.15pm on BBC1. Each episode of the seven-part series focusses on a different continent and launched with Antarctica. The series was four years in the making and set out to showcase the true character... Read more»

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Extreme scenery - Venezuela's table-top mountains

Apart from political and economic stability, Venezuela really does have it all in terms of natural beauty and resources, as I was reminded when watching Steve Backshall's BBC series called Extreme Mountain Challenge. A few years ago I took my family on a wonderful river trip in Venezuela's Gran Saba... Read more»

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A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela - de Schauensee and Phelps

First published in 1978 this is a real reference guide with names in English, Spanish and Latin, 53 colour and black and white plates and beautiful illustrations by Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee. A second, even larger edition was subsequently published - albeit without an English index but with the s... Read more»

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Birding in Venezuela, Mary-Lou Goodwin

Last published July 2003. A must-have guide for all birders visiting Venezuela. This is the revised and up-dated edition of the acclaimed Audubon Guide. Includes detailed information about visiting the main Venezuelan locations for observing birds, including how to get to the sites, lodging, list of... Read more»

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Viva South America - Oliver Balch

This is a very readable journey through South America, with each chapter looking at a different country in relation to a specific theme. For example, Chile is examined through the eyes of women and Bolivia from the perspective of the poor. The author's commentary on Colombia is particularly hard-hit... Read more»

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Secuestro Express

Secuestro Express is a hard-hitting film by a young Venezuelan director, which has earned him accolades in the film world and a job in Hollywood working for Steven Spielberg. It deals with the growing trend throughout South America for quick kidnappings (often only lasting a couple of hours) to get... Read more»

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The magnificent seven natural wonders (Vincent Crump)

They told me I had to see Angel Falls before I died. Fine - but I didn't realise they meant immediately before. The Cessna we take to get there gives me the collywobbles from the moment I climb in. It isn't because there are six of us crushed inside, including a Giant Haystacks lookalike whose butt... Read more»

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Papillon - Henri Charriere

The ultimate escape adventure! The story of Henri Charriere's daring escapes from a penal colony in French Guiana to the countries of Colombia, Guyana and eventually Venezuela. Read more»

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