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The Orinoco delta and secluded beaches

Manatees and river dolphins inhabit the sprawling Orinoco delta, while the spit of forested hills that forms the Paria Peninsula and reaches almost to Trinidad hides secluded coves with palm-fringed beaches..

The Orinoco Delta image

The Orinoco Delta

The Orinoco Delta covers 25,000 square kilometres. The mighty Orinoco river disgorges its sediment into the Atlantic through a maze of forested islands and floating reed beds. This is the home of the Warao Indians - totally adapted to their riverine life, they live in stilt houses (palafitos) on the banks of the many channels (caños) that take the waters of the Orinoco out to the ocean.

The Paria Peninsula image

The Paria Peninsula

Further east of Isla Margarita and on Venezuela’s mainland is the Paria Peninsula, a more remote area of deserted palm-fringed beaches, farms and isolated hamlets with a stunning backdrop of forested mountains.

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