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Hotels in Latin America

The following hotels match your request. Our LF recommended logorecommendations are properties that we particularly like, independent of budget.

  • Eduard's Hotel image

    Eduard's Hotel

    City hotel - Macuto
    Just 20 minutes east of the airport in the coastal suburb of Macuto. The hotel has an outdoor pool and thatched bar and restaurant, from which there are good views of the sun setting over the sea. Read more»
  • Embassy Suites

    City hotel - Central
    A modern, primarily business hotel opposite the commercial and shopping centre of Centro Lido. Good facilities including pool, gym, business centre, commercial arcade and tropical gardens. Read more»
  • Gran Meliá image

    Gran Meliá

    City hotel - Central
    A smart, business-orientated 5 star hotel near the pedestrian shopping area of Sabana Grande, which sadly now has become a rather rough part of town. Hotel has pool, spa and piano bar, as well as several restaurants, one of which is noted for its flamenco shows. Read more»
  • Hacienda Bukare image

    Hacienda Bukare

    Hacienda - Near Rio Caribe
    The hacienda was built in 1908 and is a cocoa plantation making delicious chocolate. It is owned and managed by the friendly Esser family Read more»
  • Hacienda El Carmen image

    Hacienda El Carmen

    Country hotel - 50 minutes Mérida
    A working hacienda in Jají, which grows and harvests coffee. There are 10 rooms for guests to stay overnight and witness a traditional and charming way of life, hidden in the Venezuelan Andes. Read more»
  • Hato Cedral image

    Hato Cedral

    Estancia/Ranch - Mantecal
    Near Mantecal in Apure state (the low Llanos), is the 55,000ha ranch of Hato Cedral. Formerly owned by King Ranch (originators of the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle). The capybaras on the entrance road are probably the tamest in Venezuela! Read more»
  • Hato Cristero image

    Hato Cristero

    Estancia/Ranch - Just outside Barinas
    A traditional, family run ranch with a large pool just outside Barinas surrounded by colourful gardens. The owners pride themselves on their hospitality and wonderful home cooked cuisine. Read more»
  • Hato El Frío image

    Hato El Frío

    Estancia/Ranch - Mantecal
    This 80,000 hectare ranch between Mantecal and El Samán is owned by the Maldonado family, and the Biological Station is the centre of the tourist operation. The accommodation has recently been upgraded and twin bedded rooms, with private bathrooms are now available (no hot water). Meals and local drinks are included as are twice-daily excursions. The vehicles (mainly enclosed jeeps with side-facing benches) are not as satisfactory as those provided by Cedral or Piñero, but the boat trips are good, and wildlife is similar. We previously recommended El Frío as a relatively low-cost alternative, but prices have increased so one must now consider the better road and transport infrastructure at Cedral and Piñero before making a decision. They have an interesting programme of re-training to the wild for ocelots and jaguars that have been illegally captured. Read more»
  • Hato Garza image

    Hato Garza

    Estancia/Ranch - Apure State (the low Llanos)
    A beautiful property and the most comfortable in the area. The swimming pool is beautiful and overlooks the Llanos. There is a lounging area by its side and a telescope for wildlife spotting and star gazing. There is also a bar and separate dining room where guests can eat together or on their own. Read more»
  • Hato Piñero

    Estancia/Ranch - El Baúl, Cojedes
    Sadly Hato Piñero is no longer open for tourism, having been expropriated by the government of Hugo Chavez. Wildlife farm in the state of Cojedes, on the edge of the central plains, which apart from the wet-lands also has plateau and gallery forest on rolling hills, surrounded by four rivers. Here you can see an incredible diversity of wildlife that shows almost no fear for human observers. Read more»
  • Hotel Belensate image

    Hotel Belensate

    City hotel - Mérida
    A short taxi ride from the city centre, with pool and gardens. Within walking distance of two recommended restaurants, La Campana (Italian) and La Viña (beef). Read more»
  • Hotel Los Frailes image

    Hotel Los Frailes

    Popular Choice mini-logo
    Inn/Posada - 1½ hours from Mérida
    Built in the style of a 1642 monastery, the hotel sits on the edge of an Andean valley at about 9,000 feet. Without having to venture far from the hotel one can see cobalt-blue lakes surrounded by forests of pine. The local inhabitants still use oxen to plough the impossibly steep hillsides, and stones cleared from the fields to build walls and houses. Read more»
  • Hotel Olé Caribe image

    Hotel Olé Caribe

    Beach hotel - Macuto
    A comfortable and smart hotel about 30 minutes along the coast from Caracas airport, with large swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna and gym. A short walk and some steps lead down to the rocky beach. Read more»
  • Hotel Puerto Viejo image

    Hotel Puerto Viejo

    City hotel - Caracas airport
    15 minutes west from the airport, with a good pool and air conditioned rooms. Perfect for a short stay in the city. Read more»
  • Hotel Santiago image

    Hotel Santiago

    City hotel - Macuto
    A friendly and good value option along the coast road, just 20 minutes from the international airport. Tiny rooftop pool. Read more»
  • Hoturvensa Camp image

    Hoturvensa Camp

    Country hotel - Canaima lagoon
    A large iron restaurant and bar dominates the lodge, which is in a lovely position on the Canaima lagoon. Read more»
  • JW Marriott image

    JW Marriott

    City hotel - Central
    One of the newer additions to the city, this 5 star hotel has good facilities and large, very comfortable rooms. There is a nice pool on an upper floor, and a bridge between the two hotel blocks affords fabulous views all over the city of Caracas. Read more»
  • Kavac image


    Popular Choice mini-logo
    Inn/Posada - South flank of Auyán-tepui
    A small purpose-built village with warm yellow adobe in a stunning position in the shadow of the towering Auyán-tepui table-top mountain. Read more»
  • La Casa de las Garcia image

    La Casa de las Garcia

    Inn/Posada - Choroní
    A charming colonial house with 11 rooms around a beautiful courtyard with antique furniture. Breakfast is served in the gardens and candle-lit dinner in the courtyard can be prebooked. Read more»
  • La Pedregosa image

    La Pedregosa

    City hotel - Mérida
    Recently renovated 4 star hotel in a pleasant suburb of the city, slightly higher up and therefore cooler than other more cental options. Read more»
  • Orinoco Delta Lodge image

    Orinoco Delta Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - Orinoco Delta
    A combination of road and river transport from Maturin takes you to the lodge. Read more»
  • Posada Angostura image

    Posada Angostura

    Inn/Posada - Cuidad Bolivar
    A colourful posada with 7 comfortable rooms in the colonial centre of the city, close to the historic city and cathedral. Read more»
  • Posada Caracol image

    Posada Caracol

    Inn/Posada - Gran Roque
    A pretty blue and white guest house with a small roof terrace a few steps away from the tiny airstrip. The posada is located on the beach of Gran Roque island and has a small open-air restaurant which leads straight out onto the beach. Excellent food - most meals on Los Roques are fish! Read more»
  • Posada Caribana image

    Posada Caribana

    Beach hotel - Rio Caribe Village
    In a colonial villa in the small town of Rio Caribe. Read more»
  • Posada Casa Grande image

    Posada Casa Grande

    Inn/Posada - Ciudad Bolivar
    A lovely converted colonial building, steeped in history. Read more»
  • Posada La Cigala image

    Posada La Cigala

    Inn/Posada - Gran Roque
    A pretty, dark yellow building with blue shutters, this comfortable posada on Gran Roque has an open and airy interior courtyard and a small roof terrace. 1 block back from the beach and very near to the plaza. Read more»
  • Posada La Gotera image

    Posada La Gotera

    Beach hotel - Gran Roque
    A small, friendly posada ideally located just off the central plaza and right on the beach. The Posada Gotera has a young funky feel with bean bags out on the sand and it is right next door to a small bar/café. Inside, there is a small sitting area which looks out over the sea and a small, more formal dining room. Read more»
  • Posada La Sevillana image

    Posada La Sevillana

    Popular Choice mini-logo
    Inn/Posada - Outskirts of Mérida
    A lovely family-run inn with a dozen rooms built in traditional style clustered around a central patio, and set at the top of the Pedregosa Valley above the town of Mérida. The dining room, open kitchen and sitting room are situated in the old family house with its huge fireplace and this gives the posada its very friendly feel. Read more»
  • Posada Malibu image

    Posada Malibu

    Beach hotel - Gran Roque
    A charming posada a few blocks back from Gran Roque's beach. The design is tasteful and incorporates a mix of wood and adobe with plenty of plants to give it a spacious yet cosy feel with a lovely open plan dining room and kitchen. The interior artifacts have been sourced from throughout Venezuela. Upstairs there is a large split-level rooftop terrace. Read more»
  • Posada Monte Carmelo image

    Posada Monte Carmelo

    Popular Choice mini-logo
    Country hotel - 1 hour 20 minutes from Mérida
    Lovely position near the village of Apartaderos with nice open views and you can walk to restaurants nearby. Read more»
  • Posada Papá Miguel image

    Posada Papá Miguel

    Inn/Posada - 40 minutes from Mérida
    A simple inn in la Mesa with beautiful views over the mountains and cloud forest. At 1,400m the weather is fresh. Read more»
  • Posada Piano y Papaya image

    Posada Piano y Papaya

    Beach hotel - Gran Roque
    A small, charming posada just off the plaza one block back from the beach. Run by a local family, the posada is simple yet stylish offering a comfortable, homely feel. There is large open sitting room and dining room that lead you though to the bedrooms or up onto the roof terrace. Read more»
  • Posada Playa de Uva image

    Posada Playa de Uva

    Beach hotel - Near Rio Caribe
    The cabañas are spread around the manicured tropical gardens on the low hills that lead down to the small (and effectively private) beach. Although the beach is small, it is very clean and there is also a small swimming pool next to the restaurant. Read more»
  • Prado Río image

    Prado Río

    City hotel - Mérida
    Smart, modern 4 star hotel with good facilities. Read more»
  • Rio Caura Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - The Caura River
    A large colonial house with simple accommodation and excellent food. Read more»
  • Robert Sonderman's Air Safari image

    Robert Sonderman's Air Safari

    Lodge/Hosteria - Canaima and Gran Sabana
    Bob flies his own 6 seater Piper Aztek plane into remote regions of this wonderful landscape. On his safari trips, he uses rustic but comfortable lodges as overnight accommodation for his passengers, often near Indian villages. Read more»
  • Solar de la Luna image

    Solar de la Luna

    Inn/Posada - Buena Vista
    A beautifully decorated 7 room property set up on a hillside with cooling sea breezes and not far from Morrocoy National Park. Read more»
  • Tamanaco Intercontinental image

    Tamanaco Intercontinental

    City hotel - Caracas
    A very comfortable 5 star hotel with a lovely pool and outside dining areas, with fine views of the mountain range behind. Tennis courts, gym and extensive shops within the complex. Near the smart CCCT shopping mall. Read more»
  • Tapuy Lodge image

    Tapuy Lodge

    Popular Choice mini-logo
    Lodge/Hosteria - Canaima lagoon
    A small lodge with a palm leaf roof on the shores of the lagoon, with a restaurant and bar. Read more»
  • Villa Caracol image

    Villa Caracol

    Beach hotel - Gran Roque
    A stylish, italian owned and run posada several blocks away from the beach towards the lagoon. The communal areas are simple yet tasteful and well designed and lead to a spacious roof top terrace. Service and food are excellent. Read more»
  • Villa Majagual image

    Villa Majagual

    Country hotel - Mochima
    A beautiful property on the private Peninsula Majagual in the Mochima National Park, a collection of islands and crystal water bays between Puerto la Cruz and Cumaná. Read more»
  • Villa Mangrovia image

    Villa Mangrovia

    Inn/Posada - Morrocoy
    Irina Jackson's small, simple house with pretty garden has its own jetty and boatman for trips to the island of your choice in the Morrocoy National Park. There is a small plunge pool in the garden and lounge area for relaxing in the evenings. Read more»
  • Waku Lodge image

    Waku Lodge

    Popular Choice mini-logo
    Lodge/Hosteria - Canaima lagoon
    A lovely lodge on the banks of the Canaima lagoon.There are extensive gardens full of tame wildlife (toucan, macaws, various parrots, woodpeckers) and all meals (buffet style) are included, though drinks are extra. The Canaima lagoon, where the Carrao river plunges over a series of falls, is one of the most spectacular sights in Venezuela. Included in your stay is a short canoe trip around the lagoon. Read more»
  • Yakoo image


    Lodge/Hosteria - Outside Santa Elena
    On a hillside outside the border town of Santa Elena de Uairén, a central restaurant is surrounded by gardens. There is a pool, stream, and a helipad. Read more»

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