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  • Travel with a genuine desire to learn more about the people of your host country. Acquaint yourself with local customs and be aware of the feelings of other people, thus preventing what might be intrusive behaviour on your part.
  • Your pre-trip research can be continued by asking questions while you are there. Any attempt to learn even a few words of the relevant language will make this a more rewarding experience for all involved.
  • Realise that often the people in the country you visit have time concepts and approaches different from your own.
  • Don't treat people as part of the landscape, they may not want their picture taken. Put yourself in their shoes, ask permission first, and respect their wishes. Many people love to see images of themselves so if you are somewhere remote with your digital camera then do show the locals the pictures you have just taken of them with the wonders of modern technology!
  • Do not make promises to people in your host country unless you can carry them through.
  • Ensure that your behaviour has no impact on the natural environment. Avoid picking flowers, removing seeds, damaging coral, and even buying souvenirs such as shells and skins. Understand that there can be no guarantees when it comes to wildlife, all sightings are a bonus.
  • Try and put money into local people's hands: drink local beer or fruit juice rather than imported brands and buy and eat locally produced food. When you are shopping, even where bargaining is expected, do inject humour and remember a low price almost certainly means a lower wage for the maker.
  • If you want to take gifts make sure they are appropriate (for example there are few dentists in remote communities, so sweets are not recommended).
  • If you really want your experience to be a 'home away from home', it may be foolish to waste money on travelling!
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