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Seeking mermaids in the Galapagos - Monty Halls

If you missed the first episode of this charming and provoking new programme the next programme is on Channel 4 next Sunday at 8pm. Biologist Monty Halls spent 3 months in the Galapagos with his wife and two daughters (3 and 5) who quickly show why an open and inquisitive mind makes an effective and entertaining presenter.

Marine iguanaMarine iguana

This is a super programme that illustrates not only the wonderful wildlife, but also the human story of the 'Enchanted islands'. It is also yet another reminder of the important environmental issues we all need to address. Monty is president of the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT), which we support, who have a youth-led project to raise awareness and reduce plastic use on the islands.

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