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Venezuela holidays : introduction

Embracing the Andes, the Amazon and over a thousand miles of Caribbean coast, Venezuela offers a wonderfully varied introduction to the sights and sounds of Latin America.

From Angel Falls, which cascades nearly a kilometre from one of the table-top mountains that may have inspired Conan Doyle’s Lost World, to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, via plains and cloud forest, Venezuela is above all a display of exuberant nature.

High in the Andes, villagers eke out a living growing produce and crafts to sell in the markets of delightful colonial towns like Mérida. Musical talent is everywhere, from cowboy harpists to salsa and merengue bands and the life-enhancing Simón Bolívar and El Sistema youth orchestras.

Venezuela’s rich biodiversity guarantees superb wildlife watching. Mangrove, jungle, savanna and cloud forest sustain countless endemic and migratory species. Manatees and river dolphins inhabit the sprawling Orinoco delta, while the Llanos flood plains are prime territory for birds, caimans, capybaras and giant anteaters.

On the coast, endless sandy beaches are perfect for quiet getaways, either on the mainland or on islands like the Los Roques archipelago. Snorkelling and diving are exceptional too - corals, caves and wrecks creating dazzling playgrounds for exotic marine life.

Climate and when to go

As it is only just north of the Equator Venezuela has a hot climate all year. Increasing altitude in the Andes can mean cool nights and the coastal regions are hotter with very little rainfall at any time. There is a rainy season from May/June to October when short tropical downpours can be expected, and this is consequently a good time to see the waterfalls.

“Just back from our really excellent, enjoyable and well-balanced visit/holiday to Venezuela - went without a hitch, thanks to your ideas and organization. Thanks particularly to Bob Sonderman, who even let me fly his plane for an hour, as well as organising a secret Piarao indian tribal shaman dance!” - MW

“Thank you for all your help and support over the past year - it's been great to have one person who can help with the arrangements, keep in touch and provide all the answers. Our Galapagos cruise was simply amazing, and we cannot find anything other than praise for Quasar, it really was the trip of a lifetime. We'd like to go back to Ecuador again some day and see the birds in the highlands and on the Amazon, and maybe visit Machu Picchu as well!” - HS

“Congratulations to Last Frontiers and your local operators - despite all the enforced changes, all meetings and transfers worked like clockwork, and we were never kept waiting at all. I think Canaima (not just the Angel Falls, but the whole area and Waku Lodge) was probably the highlight. Los Llanos was fascinating, and so much wildlife! The birds quite amazing - in fact all the river life.” - EH

“Hosterķa La Sevillana was a lovely hotel, and there was good walking in the lower Andes. Thank you again for organising a great trip.” - MB