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Ed Paine

Edward spent three years at Oxford playing his trumpet and learning to punt in a straight line (a useful skill for South American river travel). He then farmed for 10 years in South America (based in the Venezuelan Llanos, Orinoco Delta, Morrocoy and Valencia; in Brazil he ran a 50,000 acre farm in São Paulo state with lots of cattle, sugar cane, soya, maize and anacondas) and Argentina is full of his cousins.
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Sue Morkill

After various jobs working and travelling around the world Sue started her travel career with 6 years at Trailfinders before joining Last Frontiers in 2001. Highlights of her numerous recce trips since then have included riding in Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador and Argentina. As a wildlife enthusiast an amazing 'Classic Antarctica' cruise was hard to beat. Two further cruises around the Galapagos, one of which was on the luxury boat Eclipse, have not been too arduous! An Angel Falls river trip (Venezuela), Brazil's Pantanal, Guyana and hiking in Peru have also been top trips.
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Lizzy Diaz

Lizzy’s love affair with Latin America began with the time she spent volunteering in Mexico. Add to the mix a degree in Spanish and Latin American studies and a sixth month trip backpacking around South America and her passion for the region was heightened.
Lizzy works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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Alison Boyer

Following completing her degree in Zoology, Ali headed off to Peru to spend three months in the Tambopata Amazon region to take part in a biodiversity study. The numerous snakes, insects, sand flies and bot flies didn’t put her off and she stayed longer than planned to backpack around South America.
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Nicola Le Rougetel

As a travel-nut, adrenaline junkie and textiles enthusiast, Nicola has lived, worked and experienced some pretty unusual things throughout her years in Latin America. She has driven the length and breadth of the continent in an HGV whist tour guiding and driving for Dragoman, participated in BBC 1’s Total Wipeout (filmed in Argentina) and spent 3 years living in Buenos Aires where she worked as a travel consultant by day and moonlighted as a circus performer by night!
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Emily Bailey

After studying travel and tourism Emily headed off to South America for a backpacking trip through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. On her return Emily spent eight years working for a leading adventure tour operator where she had many more fantastic travel opportunities including an expedition cruise to Antarctica. After a few years working for a travel agent Emily has returned to the world of tailor-made travel.
Emily works on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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