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Venezuela tours: sample itineraries

Below are some sample itineraries to get you started. If you would like to visit somewhere not mentioned here just ask us - we can never include all possible areas and everything we do is tailor-made.

Itineraries are classified as follows: Classic: Our favourite itineraries. Press: Itineraries we have prepared to accompany press articles. Specialist: Specialist itineraries, such as trekking, rafting, fishing or riding.

Classic itineraries (just Venezuela)

  • Classic Venezuela itinerary thumbnail Classic Venezuela - table-top mountains, bountiful wildlife, mighty waterfalls and idyillic, deserted Caribbean beaches
    A 16 day itinerary exploring this diverse country that includes the Andes, ancient landscapes, wetlands and beaches, and the mighty Angel Falls (highest in the world). View details

When to go

As it is only just north of the Equator Venezuela has a hot climate all year. Increasing altitude in the Andes can mean cool nights and the coastal regions are hotter with very little rainfall at any time. There is a rainy season from May/June to October when short tropical downpours can be expected, and this is consequently a good time to see the waterfalls.

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