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Huaorani Ecolodge, The Amazon


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Southern Amazon (The Amazon, Ecuador)


A relatively new lodge situated in terra firma rainforest, near Quehueri'ono in the north-western part of the Huaorani Territory. Access is by road from Quito to Shell (around five hours) and then light aircraft and canoe. The Huaorani have long inhabited the headwaters of the Amazon, living as nomadic hunters and gatherers with no outside contact until the end of the 1950s. The lodge is committed to minimising negative impact on the area, as well as involving local community members. The Huaorani were involved in the construction of the lodge and are also the predominant employees. All the produce is bought locally, solar electricity is used and a bio-filter renders all waste products either recyclable or harmless before being discharged into the river.


Nature walks, bird watching and canoe trips (the traditional canoes used for guests do not use motors). Visitors have the chance to join in with members of the community as they go about their daily activities.


Five Huaorani-style, palm-thatched cabins (named after the Huao communities of the Shiripuno) are spread along the riverbank. They are built with local wood and each is fitted with a modern tent inside, and a front porch. All cabins have twin beds and a private bathroom equipped with a shower and flush toilet.

Our comments

A very special cultural experience where you will meet and interact with the Huaorani people. The amount of wildlife in the immediate area has been reduced due to previous hunting, although there is recent evidence that some wildlife is slowly returning.

Huaorani Lodge (Cessna landing at the airstrip.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Bend in the river and sandbanks.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Bedroom.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Cabin.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Boat trip.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Native with blowpipe.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Native guide.) - The Amazon, Ecuador Huaorani Lodge (Villagers and guests.) - The Amazon, Ecuador

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Client comments and reviews

“Thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and feel very priviliged to have spent time with these people. Our guide that looked after us with the Huaorani was fantastic, his knowledge and skills in dealing with the locals were a credit to him and made our trip all that more special.” - GD, January 2011
“Highlights for me were the Huaorani Lodge for the cultural and real Amazonian experience!” - GH, August 2009
“For us meeting the Huaorani was a real highlight. It was such an amazing experience and we thank you for suggesting it to us, it was just the kind of cultural interaction we were hoping to have.” - M&U K, April 2009


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