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Shanklands Rainforest Resort


Near Bartica - currently closed (The Central forest zone, Guianas)


Shanklands is closed, and up for sale (if a rare Guyana freehold opportunity appeals!).

On the Essequibo west of Georgetown. There is a beach at low tide, and all rooms look over the river from their commanding position on the 40 foot banks.


Optional activities include an excellent nature trail, boat trips to Marshall Falls, which are a series of rapids beyond the mining town of Bartica upstream on the opposite bank of the river. On the way one passes the prison, and the ruins of the Dutch fort of Kyk-over-Al.


7 charmingly decorated rooms, with an open design to maximise air flow, and nets over the beds at night. All rooms look over the Essequibo from their commanding position on the 40' banks. Sunrise can be magical, especially if you are lucky enough to be in the honeymoon suite, whose bed has been custom built with extra height for the views through the large windows on three sides. All rooms have wide verandas and hammocks or chairs.

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